World Aids Day 1st December

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This is just a basic web page with a few links on it to other parts of the site. It's nothing exciting, except the main feature which is our photo gallery. See the contents below to reach the seperate features / areas.

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snap_sys_34805.rar - Quantum Snap! Server 4000 Upgrade / update software file (Snap sys 3.4.805 / v3.4.805 rar file).

Use this upgrade to allow large disk support LBA mode? (< 137GB) for the Snap! Server. I have updated my server and it seems to recognise my 160GB hard drive. However, I take no responsibility for the use/misuse of this .sup file whatsoever. I highly suggest, if you haven't already, to surf the web for forum posts giving more details about this upgrade. I have posted the file here as I had trouble finding it online, and it is necessary for the continued use of the RAID server. I hope this is of help to those of you who know what it is. Regards, Jim

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